Has Trump taken us all to Never-Never Land?

By Peter Rosenstein - March 14, 2017 12:00 am

The Trump administration is closer than ever to being in Never-Never Land. In this version the boys who won’t grow up are now acting like a particularly disgusting group of youngsters who do things with absolutely no concern for the people they hurt or the damage they do to the nation and the world.

Whether it is a President who thinks it’s OK to ‘grab pussy’; or senior advisers’ Bannon and Miller promoting policies catering to their alt-right base drafting Executive Orders (EO’s) banning Muslims and refusing to take a strong stand or do anything in response to the Nazi sympathizers threatening Jewish schools and desecrating Jewish cemeteries. The EPA Administrator Pruitt backing away from policies to protect the nations waters, and speaking out against all legitimate science saying ”CO2 not main cause of global warming”. The budget clowns suggesting cutting the budget for the TSA to build a wall will make us safer from terrorist attacks.

All this becomes more frightening when some in the media accept Trump’s ‘Alternate Universe’ as the norm. They set the bar at ground level when a formerly respected TV commentator, Van Jones, listens to the pablum Trump presented to Congress and refers to one moment in the speech and says “He became President of the United States, in that moment. Period.” Jones was not even referring to anything of substance Trump said, as there was nothing, but rather to the “recognition Trump gave to Carryn Owens, the widow of the Navy SEAL who was killed in the Yemen raid ordered by Trump.”

Van Jones and other media trying to figure out Trump need to start looking at facts and stop trying to interpret Trump changing the topic of the day with a flurry of tweets and unproven accusations. Some think he is sly as a fox doing this intentionally; others that he is totally unhinged from reality. Either way his tweets from those on millions of illegal voters to his most recent ones accusing President Obama of wiretapping him without any proof, just get in the way of focusing on the policies and programs he and the dangerous people around him are proposing. We need to focus on the horrendous EOs Trump is signing and the bills being introduced in Congress by Republicans and inform the American people about the dire consequences they will have if passed.

The Stephens’ as some refer to Bannon and Miller, the senior alt-right advisers to the President, need to be shown for the racists and anti-Semites they are. They are the authors of the new EO banning Muslims from entering the country introduced three weeks after the court tossed out his first immigration ban as unconstitutional. Neither the first nor this one have been shown to keep the nation safer and are simply issued to keep a campaign promise to the alt-right and to people whose irrational fears were stoked by Trump during the campaign.

Despite all the talk the administration hasn’t introduced any legislation to keep the promises he made in the election including repeal of the Affordable Care Act, building the Wall on our southern border, or moving forward on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure and actually creating new jobs. Trump has now endorsed the repeal and replace ACA legislation introduced by Speaker of the House Paul ‘Can’t Add’ Ryan (R-WI). It is the usual Ryan legislation all about politics without making any financial sense or providing needed help for anyone other than those at the top at the expense of the poor and middle-class. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has now released its report on the implications of the bill saying fourteen million will lose their healthcare insurance next year and twenty-four million by 2026.

In the last ten days two more people who were part of the Trump campaign including Attorney General Jeff Sessions admitted lying about having meetings with Russian officials. Trump’s promise to protect the LGBT community was broken when his administration withdrew guidance favorable to the transgender community which resulted in the Supreme Court saying they wouldn’t rule on the case before them and sending it back to the Appeals Court. Reports have come out Trump wants to open our national parks to big oil drilling.

Trump is leaking budget details even Republican members of Congress say are dead on arrival. The budget would eviscerate programs enjoyed by constituents of these members, the same constituents whose votes they will need to get reelected. Self-preservation will rear its head and not many Republican members will fall on their sword for the President.

The job for Democrats is finding ways to turn the growing and continuing demonstrations against this President’s policies, including those demonstrations at town-hall meetings of Republican members of Congress who are not afraid to hold them, into votes. More national marches are planned including the March for Science and Research on April 22nd and the March for Equality, Unity and Pride spearheaded by the LGBTQIA community on June 11th. The LGBTQIA March is quickly gaining momentum and will spawn sister marches across the nation and around the world. These millions of people hitting the streets clearly didn’t all come out to vote in November or we wouldn’t have to demonstrate now.

The Democratic Party has work to do convincing even a percentage of them that voting for the Democratic candidate in their home state and district is crucial; even if the Democratic isn’t someone they consider the ‘perfect’ candidate. Those votes are critical to taking back the Congress, stopping Trump, and moving a progressive agenda.

The Democratic agenda must focus on working people; delivering more and higher paying jobs; decent working conditions; retirement benefits; and family friendly work places. These are the goals Democrats enunciated in their Platform at last year’s Convention. The messaging must convince voters Democrats will fight for their principles including equal rights for women, African Americans, other minorities, immigrants, and the LGBT community. They need to be convinced Democrats truly believe and will fight for equity and equality; leaving no one behind.

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